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"There is a field of Infinite Possibilities.... I’ll meet you there."

Steve Papps Snr

“All I can say is WOW!”
Isom Chapelle

“The Awakening to Abundance Workshop has been a life changing experience for me. Steve has helped me understand the power of thought and how it impacts my physical experiences.”

​Deepna Nathu​

“The Awakening to Abundance Workshop was mind blowing!  If you’re looking for a change then this is a must.”

​Mia Dinns​

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"Awakening to Abundance workshop"

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What's in the Awakening to Abundance workshop?




The AWAKENING TO ABUNDANCE program includes two workshops, held over 8 days.

Each workshop is 90 minutes plus questions.

Your personal coach will support and guide you throughout the program - with a guaranteed 1-to-1 coaching call at the end.

Your coach will help you apply the lessons taught to manifest abundance in your life.

We will buddy you up with others in the program to form a small support group.


Here, you can discuss each workshop, share insights and hold each other accountable to the given tasks.

“Wow! This Abundance Workshop changed absolutely everything for me...”

Dominika Radomski

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"Awakening to Abundance workshop"

“The Awakening to Abundance Workshop completely changed my long term programming on what I thought life was.  I now have a whole new outlook and a life of abundance.”

Jimmy Thomas​

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“The amount of Abundance that has come into my life since working with Steve, the old me could have never imagined.”

​Jaden Sparrow

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Frequently Asked Questions




Firstly, we offer the AWAKENING TO ABUNDANCE workshop to give you a ‘taste’ of our paid offer -  The Awakening Program.

Secondly, this workshop is our gift to those who are struggling financially, yet want to master abundance. The workshop and community are 100% free!

The AWAKENING TO ABUNDANCE workshop is a sale free zone.  We will at no stage ever try to convince or ‘sell’ you into The Awakening Program.  This is so important to us that we won’t even present or offer any information this.

At the end of this free workshop you may ask questions about The Awakening Program, but YOU have to ask - otherwise it’s never discussed.

Steve Papps Snr received direction from SOURCE in late 2021 to act as a ‘channel’, and was given the entire Awakening Program to share with others.

Steve Papps Snr continues to act as a CHANNEL for SOURCE and share this for as long as SOURCE allows.


“If there’s one thing I recommend you do in your life – attend the next Awakening to Abundance Workshop....”

Gichin Fuhiniu

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"Awakening to Abundance workshop"

“The Awakening to Abundance Workshop made me feel so raw, vulnerable and SAFE in the Present Moment.  I feel like I’ve learned the secret to life, to success and to happiness.”

​Dominika Radomski​

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“The Awakening to Abundance Workshop is the most beautiful journey to realising the Self. Do it, do it!”

Ben Challis​

Because of your teachings I'm finally seeing - I'm finally free." 

Josh Styles

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"Awakening to Abundance workshop"

“Steve, man I could never possibly express enough gratitude to demonstrate what the “Abundance to Awakening” Workshop has meant for me. You have given me the most beautiful gift of all – ‘Presence’. The level of love, joy, freedom and happiness that I have received through your teachings have been beyond profound. I used to wake up wondering when life would change for me, I now wake up every day and experience peace and beauty everywhere. I am Free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

​Josh Styles​

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“What I’ve been looking for my whole life, I’ve found in The Awakening to Abundance Workshop.”

​Isom Chapelle

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